Important education and education programmes in India

there are two ways to assess a country’s growth toward becoming economic development. An evaluation of the GNP Product(GNP)and other is to focus on structural changes. Method of weight growth performance of assigned aspects of the recording and a need to change the poverty and inequality measures, the main indicators of the sustainable development.

Education has always become the primary factor in measuring the growth of the country. Therefore, it becomes very important the state has not only a valid but also a flexible educational framework. This will allow students to go in their interest in the field of education and to provide complete support, which from all points of view. Because it is only after his/her own interest and enthusiasm, will enable him to help the nation in future become better in all areas.

The education system in India has deep roots from the ancient tradition. In fact, India it is very derived from the traditional education system. Sanskrit,
The traditional ancient Indian language is said to be very rich in knowledge.In the current case, the Indian is becoming the center of global education; in fact, one study noted that India now has become the fourth most desirable education hub in the world.

It is now attracting more and more students from around the world b offering more. The required courses, the world class B schools and Technical College. In fact, India’s Integrated Information Management System (The Indian Institutes of technology)that is one of the top management of the Mechanism.

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